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After you have agreed your volunteering dates with Burmadent you can book your flights BUT if possible ensure flexibility when ordering tickets. Burma is a developing country and Burmadent cannot guarantee or be held responsible if your invitation or temporary registration is refused by the Burmese authorities. This has never happened to an application we have made but it is a possibility that we should make you aware of. Many flights cannot be changed or refunded, please bear this in mind. See “Flights”


You can arrange to have your inoculations, check timings. See “Inoculations


You can start fundraising to cover your travel and accommodation expenses.


You can contact the local Burmese travel agent on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange all your internal transport, transfers and accommodation. This travel agency belongs to U Ohn Maung a local benefactor at Lake Inle. If you are volunteering around the Lake, then it is necessary to inform him through this agency the dates that you are volunteering. If you are volunteering in another part of the country, the agency can still organise your internal flights etc but they will not be coordinating with the local hospital/school or clinic that you are working with. We will do that for you and copy you in so you know the email address of your contact in Burma.